Goldhofer – STZ-VL | STZ-VH


In the tough daily transport routine, time counts above all. Our STZ-VL and STZ-VH lowloader trailers are perfect for these tasks as they can be simply and rapidly loaded from the front. With increasing weight and volumes of the loaded goods, it is also hereby crucial that the vehicles themselves are as light as possible and at the same time able to carry high payloads. The STZ-VL and the STZ-VH are true champions in this case and they will relieve you of the hardest work.

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  • Coupling point between bridge and chassis
  • Flexible vehicle configuration for a wide variety of applications and maximum pull-out
  • Equipped with various flatbed versions
  • Customer-specific payload to dead weight ratio
  • Optional equipment with »SmartControl«
  • User-friendly operation of the vehicle