Putzmeister 1409 D

High Strength All-Round Stationary Concrete Pump with a 140 kW Engine

The Putzmeister BSA 1409 D is an all-round, high strength stationary concrete pump, equipped with a powerful 140 kW 6-cylinder Deutz diesel engine (Stage 3A). With a maximum capacity of upto 97 cubic meters per hour, this concrete pump is ideal for medium distance pumping and in civil construction applications. The BSA 1409 D is for countries outside of Europe and USA. The equivalent for Europe and USA is the BSA 1409 D5.

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Key Features

  • Complete overview of all operating data on Ergonic Graphic Display (EGD)
  • Robust and easy-to-clean glass fiber reinforced hood
  • High availability thanks to high-quality, wear resistant components with long service life
  • Fuel-economic, automatic speed draw down on pump stop
  • CE mark
  • Good accessibility for maintenance and service